FLP - GY6 DRUM HUB 4x4 - 4x110 - 4x90

FLP - GY6 DRUM HUB  4x4 - 4x110 - 4x90

Honda ruckus rear hub made for GY6 swaps
Made in u.s.a !

6061 aluminum and steel liners

Our studs are threaded from the back side not pressed In .unlike others they go in strait every time and guarantee perfect alignment

Correct spacing to center up with aftermarket strech kits .

- 4x4 with m12x1.25 studs

- 4x 110 with m10 x 1.25 studs perfect for dwt red lable wheels

- 4x90 with m10 x 1.25 threads this great for skinny rear set ups